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- Show off your Gear -

Fetish Night is a special night. It is six hours out of every month where those with GEAR-based fetishes can proudly show their kink with a like-minded community. It is one night out of the month to roam free at CC’s Seattle without fear of judgment or shame, and without being a “curiosity” for the “amusement” or exploitation of others!

This is a night for gear! For harnesses and chaps, for pup-hoods and kilts, for habits and frocks, for fursuits and diapers, for leather and lace, for bondage and latex, for sports gear and uniforms, for business suits and underwear. The L.U.R.E. standard applies.
Fetish Night is about expression, it is an event for gear or theme-based participants. NOT SPECTATORS!

If your fetish is not gear-based or is about voyeurism – This event is not for you. The dress code will be enforced.


Leather, Uniform, Rubber, and Etcetera (L.U.R.E.) is the standard for Fetish Night. Etcetera applies to an unlisted Fetish/Kink, like a Fursuit, Singlet, or Age Play. The Theme for Fetish Night also falls under Etcetera, yet it needs to be Fetish/Kink adjacent for it to be deemed acceptable L.U.R.E. attire.
Door access will be given to participating customers who meet the following guidelines:
  • Full Attire: A Head-to-Toe L.U.R.E. outfit.
  • Complete Attire: Other L.U.R.E. outfits that are neck down or are not Head to Toe, yet are a complete and cohesive L.U.R.E. outfit. For example, a rubber shirt with rubber underwear/pants/shorts and boots, or a full-body cycling suit with matching shoes, or a harness with underwear/pants/shorts and boots.
  • Customers who show effort to participate by attending with multiple pieces of L.U.R.E attire.
  • Attending with the intention of wearing only underwear, shorts, or pants while being shirtless without any other L.U.R.E. attire.
  • Passers-by, Looky-loos, and other non-participating attire and/or behaviors.
NOTE: Footwear, Wrist/Arm Bands, Handkerchiefs, and etcetera count as ONE piece of L.U.R.E., not TWO or more. In other words, doubling up on the same item doesn't equal a DIFFERENT piece of L.U.R.E! Proper use of Wrist/Armbands and Flagging is highly encouraged! Also, a belt will not count as a piece of L.U.R.E. for an outfit.
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