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NO COVER | 21+


Come celebrate PRIDE with the anthropomorphic community. Grab your fursuit/murrsuit/onesie, pup hoods, ears, tails, and/or gear. Get your tail-wag on and enjoy some boops, tummy rubs, scritches, and nuzzles.

Furry Friday is an anthropomorphic-focused night about Fursona expression. Expect a night with great music by DJs (Dobermann, Dead Dog, & Tec), DJ lighting, drinks, dancing, and socializing.

Coat Check supports the Gay Fathers Association of Seattle (GFAS).


FURRY ARTIST: Ryudon | FURAFFINITY: ryusuke573




Since 2011, Seattle-based DJ Dobermann has brought an “outwardly simple, yet inwardly complex” energy to dance floors across America. Through elements like driving synth basslines and catchy vocal hooks underneath the grooving, 4-on-the-floor drum beats of tech house, bass house, and more, you can count on Dobermann to lay down an infectious vibe that fosters an atmosphere where you can’t help but get up to shake your tail and stomp your feet to the beat.

He’s performed at all types of venues over the years, ranging from special theme nights at local bars like CC’s, to more intimate private events such as FetchNW, and even large gatherings like Midwest FurFest, BLFC and Further Confusion. You might not hear him on the mic very often, but that’s only because Dobermann’s dancing along, just as lost in the hypnotic groove as the crowds he’s curating for.

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Jesse Martin, aka "Dead Dog", has been DJing for 13 years starting in 2011, generally emphasizing on darker industrial inspired sounds of music. Dead Dog is a shapeshifter, and loves to express themselves through different personalities, often mirroring the genres they would play. Some of the former persona's you may know as the little devil "Bloodwiser", or the David-Bowie inspired entity "Sirius Sapphire Majoris". In January of 2020 Jesse evolved into their current known staple as Dead Dog, embracing an identity they felt best represented themselves as a whole.

Dead Dog loves to play a wide range of genres, from progressive trance, house, and various forms of bass-heavy music - However, they have mostly narrowed their signature sound down to darker and more gritty form of industrial-inspired house and techno, with themes that express a love of gothic, macabre, and erotic arts. Dead Dog is back with persistence, bringing their influence of sound into one while continuing to explore and embrace the shapeshifter that they are.



While he's new to the decks, Tec has been heavily involved in music since a young age. From choir, to marching band, to stints with a couple of rock bands, he's now stepping to the decks bringing his vast knowledge and grasp of music theory to the electronic music scene.

With an eclectic taste in music, Tec reaches past genre boundaries, taking the best of each and molding them into his own sound. You can't predict what he'll play from set to set, but you can bet that Tec is gonna wreck the decks, and move the room!

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